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Welcome to RawHP. This is a web site for all who enjoy vehicles with an excess of power -  more horsepower needed than just enough to get you from point A to point B, or to the grocery store. I will be gathering information to add to this site in the very near future. Check out the F.A.Q. page - there is great information about nitrous systems, superchargers, and turbochargers. I will be adding more very soon. I have a lot of plans for this site. If you have any ideas, send them over and  I will consider them, or we can talk about them.

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Fast Cars - Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Street Rods, Low Riders, Classic cars, vintage cars, Supercharged, Turbocharged,  Blown, dual quads, Camaro's, Corvettes,  Mustangs, Hemi's, V-tec, vortex, RX-8, Eclipse, Diablo, Chevelle, Trans Am, Firebird.


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